Arrowsmiths Rhubarb Gin

A deliciously sweet, tasty rhubarb gin using a traditional family recipe that dates back to 1923. Using England’s finest handpicked ruby rhubarb infused with finely pressed elderflower this Fabulous gin is sweet-balanced and flavoursome.

Perfect Serve

In terms of a perfect serve we recommend pouring Arrowsmith’s over a generous serving of ice with a slice of Kiwi fruit. Schweppes Slimline ginger ale, or Schweppes slimline tonic both work equally well depending on preference. Also, as something a bit different Schweppes Russchian garnished with a slice of orange, compliments the citrus element to the gin really nicely.

Tasting notes

Arrowsmiths delivers sweet rhubarb flavour scents, along with a zesty sweet orange aroma. On the palate, the sweet and tart elements of the rhubarb are beautifully balanced and lifted by the subtle elderflower finish

Arrowsmiths Ruby Rhubarb Gin with a hint of elderflower is inspired by an old family recipe, and is distilled four times using only natural rhubarb to create a unique smoothness - encapsulated in a beautiful Italian designed bottle which makes it a gin that looks as good as it tastes.

Arrowsmiths Rhubarb Gin