Dr Eamers

Made in small batches this magical Black Country Gin is made with the finest botanicals to create a unique and exciting flavour.

Dr Eamers' Emporium create Award Winning small batch handcrafted gins

Dr Eamers' Gin is made by hand in small batches, we only use the finest botanicals to create a unique and distinct flavour.

This flavour is further enhanced by the traditional method used to infuse the botanicals into the spirit, through the process of cold-compounding.

Dr Eamers' create three distinct Gins, our bold Citrus Spiced Gin - Juniperus Elixir, our delicious Berry and Kiwi Gin - Fruitful Elixir combining Strawberry, Raspberry and Kiwi, and our contemporary dry Black Country Gin - Firelit Elixir.

These are not just for Gin lovers... they are for everyone!


Dr Eamers