Fenney Street Gin

Elderflower, lavender and rose are amongst the thirteen hand selected botanicals that produce this delicate contemporary take on a London dry gin.


Fenney Street

The Fenney Street Story

Paul and Becky are the creators of Fenney Street Gin, they both work around the clock to produce it as they still have full time jobs. Becky is a Midwife and Paul is a Nurse Executive. They both originate from Carlisle, Cumbria but have lived in Manchester for over 4 years.

Fenney Street Gin is a true labour of love for them as they are fully involved in the process from start to finish. Also let’s not forget the distillery cockapoo’s ‘Lyla & Bertie’ who keeps everybody in check.

Their journey began as passionate gin drinkers who dreamt of producing our very own unique but contemporary take on a London dry gin.

Their inspiration came after stumbling across an old country foraging book at Paul’s grandfather’s farm whilst home in Cumbria. A recipe for wildflower cordial kicked off our inspiration which lead us to create our very own gin based interpretation.

Back in our very own kitchen located on Fenney Street, Greater Manchester, we created our own nano kitchen distillery. After many tipsy trials and errors, we soon perfected our distinctive and special blend known as Fenney Street Gin.


At Fenney Street Gin we believe in quality over quantity. Each batch produces a grinding them in a pestle and mortar to help release their unique flavours. After allowing them to infuse in the base spirit, we add them to our copper still – lovingly named ‘Ada’. After distillation, the concentrated gin is brought down to a respectable 42% ABV using fresh spring water from the idyllic Eden Valley. This in itself is sourced from a special protected area of conservation, where it flows deep below the ground through rocks dating back millions of years. These ancient rocks naturally filter each drop, producing a soft and delicate water which is the perfect marriage for our elegant gin.

Each bottle and batch is meticulously quality checked to ensure it meets that premium quality. With each sip we want you to experience the love and attention we put into every bottle, ensuring the same great taste each and every time.

maximum of 85 bottles so we can ensure every bottle is just as good as the last. We carefully source the highest quality botanicals and wild flower petals before gently hand.

Fenney Street Blush

Fenney Street Blush is the fruit variation of our signature floral gin. Fresh strawberries, raspberries and apples are used to infuse and complement our 13 hand selected botanicals to create a refreshingly sweet yet smooth fruity gin.

Unlike most other pink fruity gins, we do not use any artificial flavourings and only ever use the freshest of fruit which gives Fenney Street Blush its unique and natural fresh flavours.

This gin is so smooth and refreshing it can be enjoyed simply over ice, however to experience its full potential we recommend that you add your favourite tonic and garnish with either fresh strawberries or raspberries.

Fenney Street Gin

To experience Fenney Street Gin to its full potential, we suggest you go for it straight up over ice. This allows you to taste the well rounded floral notes whilst appreciating the refined purity of the gin. Go on, try it, you will be surprised how easy-drinking it is!

Fenney Street Gin is subtle and delicate and with a good quality tonic it stands up to be one of the most refreshing long drinks around. We recommend you serve with a ratio of 1 part gin to 2-3 parts tonic presented in a Copa glass to maximise its botanical depth and flavours.

Serve chilled or over ice and you will soon see our distinctive pearlescent haze appear. Due to our distilling process we choose not to chill-filter our gin. This makes the most of the essential oils to produce rich complexities with intriguing depth, flavour and an exceptionally smooth finish.

A simple shard of cucumber or a lemon peel will help elevate the flavours within the gin. Our preference is cucumber as it helps to pull out the lavender. However we say whatever you fancy.

Fenney Street Premium Tasting Notes

Subtle and well-rounded floral notes with a complex full bodied smooth finish.

Fenney Street Blush Tasting notes

Delicate floral notes cleverly married with fresh fruity flavours including strawberry, raspberry and apple. Extremely smooth and easy drinking.


Fenney 75

30ml Fenney Street Gin

15ml Lemon Juice

2 x tablespoon sparkling peach & prosecco conserve


Top up with prosecco


Fenney Strada

50ml Fenney Street Gin

Sicilian Lemon tonic


15ml lemon juice

Fresh mint slightly bruised

Drizzle of Chamboard

Stirred not shaken!



Wolf of Fenney Street

40ml Fenney Street Gin

15ml lemon juice

15ml white tequila

15ml St Germain

Muddled cucumber

10ml simple syrup


Fenney Street Gin