Grins Cheshire Gin

The fabulous Hammonds home county Cheshire Gin, made using botanicals from the Cheshire countryside and spring water from the Peckforton Hills. Deliciously smooth and wrapped in an luxurious art deco inspired bottle.

The story behind the name of the gin is loosely based on the Cheshire Cat that grins in Lewis Carrol’s Classic, Alice in Wonderland. Grins is distilled using locally sourced Peckforton Spring Water, Cheshire blueberries, cassia bark, lemon peel, nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet orange peel, cucumber and of course, juniper.

Grins is a very smooth gin with a perfect blend of citrus and spice, hints of cucumber and blueberries, which culminates in a well balanced flavour.

The makers recommend serving Grins with a slice of orange, a slice of lime and some fresh blueberries.

Grins Perfect Serves


Here is one of our Alice themed cocktails to try this weekend. ?


Just like its namesake, a mysterious cocktail, clean and slightly tart.

* 35ml Grins Gin
* 15ml Rhubarb Liqueur
* 25ml Lemon
* 25ml Rhubarb Syrup
* Fresh Rhubarb
* 25ml Egg White (optional)


Add Ingredients to shaker
Shake with ice
Shake without ice
Fine strain into chilled martini

Playful, Simple and Easy to make, with a burst of berry flavours


1 Fresh Strawberry
2 Bar Spoons for Strawberry Jam
50ml Grins
25ml Lime
15ml Simple Syrup


Muddle Strawberries and Jam in the bottom of a rocks glass
Add Lime Juice and simple syrup
Mix Gently
Add crushed Ice and Grins

Try this fantastic Grins Gin Cocktail:


Make the Tea in batch and party like the mad hatter himself!
Light and refreshing, perfect for when the sun’s out.

50ml Grins Gin
50ml Iced tea (Wild Berry and Earl Grey Infusion)
25ml Lemon Juice
15ml Sugar Syrup
Fresh Raspberries
Fresh Mint
Soda Top

For the Tea; Equal parts Wild Berry, Elderflower, Tea and Sugar (1:1:1), Let cool


Add Tea, Lemon, Sugar, to a Highball stir Gently
Add Gin and Stir Gently
Top with Ice
Add a splash of soda and plenty of Berries and Mint to garnish.

Grins Cheshire Gin