Herrljunga cider

Herrljunga Cider can be found in the small town Herrljunga in the heart of Västra Götaland. We have produced noble drinks since 1911 with the motto that is on everyone’s table at any festive occasion!

Herrljunga Cider is a low-alcohol cider produced by Herrljunga Brewery in Sweden. Herrljunga Cider you will find in the small town of Herrljunga in heart of West Götaland. Here we have produced precious drinks since 1911, with the motto to be on everyone’s desk at all festive occasions!
Today, the company has approximately 80 employees. Factories, offices, warehouses and farm shop are all located in Herrljunga, in the place where all began.
The company is under the fourth generation of family ownership and currently produces cider not just under its own brands but for other companies too

Herrljunger Apple

Herrljunger Pear

Herrljunger Strawberry & Vanilla

Herrljunger Blackcurrant & Lime

Herrljunger Ginger and Lemon

Herrljunga cider