Moritz Beer

The young Louis Moritz arrived in Barcelona from Alsace more than 150 years ago. This is when the Moritz adventure started, a new beer was born in the Ronda Sant Antoni, in Barcelona. A true novelty which survives to this day. A fusion of great tradition and modernity.

When we talk about a Moritz, we’re talking about a light golden pilsner beer with abundant, white bubbly foam. Just writing these lines about its soft and pleasant taste with sweet notes of malt and cereal and a light body made our mouths water.

​But how did Moritz get to be so good? Well, just like the rest of Moritz beer, it is made with water from the Font d’Or spring in Montseny. We also use Saaz hops flowers which are well-known for their quality and low tanks for the fermentation process to obtain an excellent product.

Moritz Epidor has a 7.2º alcohol content and since we wouldn’t have it any other way, it contains a secret ingredient to give it that unique color and compact body… Carmel malt. Add some water from Montseny, a few aromatic hops flowers and a long-term fermentation process and voilà: a mischievous beer from Moritz!

The goal was to make a premium quality 0.0 beer available to everyone while conserving all the sumptuosity of a good product. Aigua de Moritz, a healthy drink. A drink with aroma. A drink with exclusivity.

Moritz Beer