Steampunk Gin

In 1892, Sir Raleigh Holmes-Dunston developed a gin recipe which appealed to the highest echelons of polite society. Smooth on the palate, with juniper, cardomom and citrus melting together in perfect harmony, this gin was a sensation! Gin Palaces all across England vied to get their hands on the precious liquid.

Without obfustication, prevarication, disambiguation or disengenuous adjectives, we present the resurrection of this famous tipple in the form of Steam Punk Gin so you too can enjoy the wonderful taste of Sir Raleigh’s invention.

Steampunk Gin

Steam Punk Gin is, made with seven “peculiar” botanicals from around the world, as well as the much less peculiar juniper berry. Steam Punk is a gin from Northumberland Spirits Co. Based on an 1892 recipe, the botanicals include juniper, cardamom and citrus. The label features the everyday transport of a Steam Punk advocate – some sort of airboat.

Steampunk Pirates Gin

Rascal Strength” Steampunk Pirate Gin weighs in at a mighty 45% alcohol by volume, this tipple is not for the faint hearted!  Crafted with juniper, arris root, licorice, star anise, lemon, orange and grapefruit zest, this delicious Gin is good enough to sip on its own or to be the base of the finests cocktails. In keeping with the Pirate theme, this gin comes in a chunky skull-shaped bottle.

Steampunk Prudence Gin

Prudence is a rose-scented gin from the Northumberland Gin Co. The signature serve is in a glass with ice, tonic and mint. Prudence Rose is beautifully floral with a strong, yet delicate taste of rose, it impresses with its smoothness and careful balance of flavours. At 20% ABV this is not technically a gin – this is a smooth and delicious drink. The power of the fragrance doesn’t dominate but complements the traditional gin botanicals used.

Steampunk Florence Gin

Florence was the first scented gin from the Northumberland Gin Co., named after its first still, and is violet-flavoured. The signature serve is in a glass with ice, tonic and blueberries.florally-flavoured spirit with quite a pretty name indeed. Packed with sweet, fragrant notes. Due to it only being 20% ABV, it cannot technically be classified as a gin.

Steampunk Gin