Cuckoo Gin

“Hello, Sunshine”, that unmistakably enduring Lancashire term used to great a loved one helped inspire our third Cuckoo Gin expression. Working alongside the Bee Centre in Samlesbury, Lancashire, Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is made with natural honey produced on our farm by Lancashire Honeybees. Honey as a substitute to sugar helps create a smooth and sweet gin and a burst of fruit from raspberries that have been infused provide an instant taste of sunshine!

Inspired by local legend, Cuckoo Gin has been lovingly handcrafted at Brindle Distillery and made with ingredients that are locally sourced and grown in the fields that surround the distillery building.

Their natural artesian aquifer, located in a nearby field, delivers fresh, natural spring water to the distillery. This water is used in the distillation of Cuckoo spirits and also in cooling the still.



Cuckoo Perfect Serve

Cuckoo Fireside Kick

Serves 1
50ml Cuckoo Spiced Gin
50ml Premium Ginger Beer
Orange peel
Sliver of fresh ginger

Begin by chilling a short glass or beaker with ice, then replace with fresh ice. Pour 50ml of Cuckoo Spiced Gin and 50ml of premium Ginger beer. Stir with a cocktail stirrer and garnish with a twist of orange peel and a silver of fresh ginger.

The 50:50 ratio on the cocktail mix is to be sipped, ideally by the fire after dinner!

Would like to see these in real life? fabulous tours available at Cuckoo...get in touch!
Cuckoo Gin