El Hispano Jalapeno

This Jalapeno chili liqueur is made by macerating fresh green jalapenos in white rum at 55% vol for one month. After one month, brown sugar cane is added, which gives the liqueur a nice roundness. Hispano liqueur is perfectly balanced between round, hot and spicy notes. This liqueur comes from an ancestral recipe of the Pacheco family. El Hispano is a sugarcane spirit made from molasses, still around 65% vol. Fresh seedless jalapenos are then added to a vat of spirits for 45-60 days. After ripening, the liquid is filtered. Purified water is then used to mix up to 30% vol. At the end, brown sugar is added.

Aroma: Earthy, jalapenos, herbs.
Taste: Perfectly balanced between round, hot, spicy and sweet notes.
Finish: Long and spicy.