Himbrimi – London Dry Winterbird

Himbrimi Winterbird is a London Dry version of Himbrimi Gin, its distilled with the heat of Icelandic geothermal water. As a gesture of gratitude, 5% of the revenue of each bottle sold is donated for nature conservation in Iceland. Another reason to love this tasty gin.

The Key Ingredients:

o Icelandic spring water. Incredibly pure and soft, without any minerals.

o Juniper berries. Crushed to release oils and aroma.

o Wild Angelica flowers. Handpicked along the banks of lakes and rivers.

o Wild Arctic Thyme. The signature flavor of Himbrimi Gin. One of Iceland´s favourite herbs. Lavender-like and very floral.

The Production:

o Winterbird starts out as the Old Tom Gin, it is infused with the same botanicals for 14 days, but is re-distilled in a small still using the heat of geothermal water.

o By using the bain-marie distilling method along with a gin basket, the gin is allowed to be distilled in the presence of the juniper berries and wildflowers, which results in a full-flavoured gin that is full of oils.

The Tasting Notes:

o Nose: Fresh citrus and angelica. A floral scent of wildflowers.

o Palate: Extremely smooth and soft. Good balance between the juniper, angelica and citrus, with a whisper of lavender-like arctic thyme.

o Finish: Long and smooth aftertaste.

o Mood: Casual and festive.

The Perfect Serve:

o Himbrimi Winterbird does wonders for any crisp tonic it is mixed with. Try floral tonics like Elderflower or Mediteranean.

o Due to its soft nature, it especially suited to be mixed into simple cocktails like the Gimlet.

o Like Old Tom, Winterbird is complemented by Scandinavian ingredients like rhubarb, birch, blueberry, elderflower, etc.


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Himbrimi – London Dry Winterbird