Himbrimi Old Tom Gin

Officially the world’s best compound gin. 2019. This delicious and elegantly bottled gin embraces everything that we love about an Old Tom. Named after the bird known in English as the loon or great Northern Diver.


Handmade with pure Icelandic water, hand-picked wildflowers and honey, Himbrimi Gin is a unique Old Tom Gin, unlike anything you have ever tasted before.

Originally created for private consumption, it is intended to be served neat, preferably while fishing in the rivers and lakes of Iceland.

The Key Ingredients:

o Icelandic spring water. Incredibly pure and soft, without any minerals.

o Juniper berries. Crushed to release oils and aroma.

o Wild Angelica flowers. Handpicked along the banks of lakes and rivers.

o Wild Arctic Thyme. The signature flavor of Himbrimi Gin. One of IcelandĀ“s favourite herbs. Lavender-like and very floral.

o Honey. Gives Himbrimi Old Tom Gin the sweetness that allows it to be served neat.

The Production:

o Based on early 18th century Old Tom recipes, Himbrimi Old Tom Gin is filtered and left in its raw state, instead of being re-distilled like regular gin.

o The process starts with grain spirit that is infused with natural handpicked ingredients for 14 days, after which it is filtered multiple times, resulting in a rustic and complex gin with a beautiful amber color and a very smooth, long aftertaste.

o This method of gin making was quite popular in the early days of gin making in London, but because of LondonĀ“s poor quality of water, the gin had to be re-distilled in order to purify it.

o By using fresh Icelandic spring water, premium quality is ensured, and re-distillation is unnecessary.

The Tasting Notes:

o Nose: Honey, lavender, and earthy like the Icelandic highlands after a spell of rain.

o Palate: Juniper to the fore, followed by very bright floral notes. The lavender-like arctic thyme is definitely the dominating flavour but is complemented by the sweet honey and crisp angelica seeds. Smooth, bittersweet and soothing.

o Finish: An extremely long, smooth aftertaste. The floral notes linger on the tongue for ages.

o Mood: Special. Perfect to impress or celebrate.


The Perfect Serve:

o Himbrimi Old Tom Gin is perfect served neat.

o However, when it is mixed with a good quality tonic or into a cocktail, the arctic thyme starts to bloom.

o Himbrimi Old Tom Gin works wonderfully in a variety of cocktails and is complemented by Scandinavian ingredients like rhubarb, birch, blueberry, elderflower, etc.


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Himbrimi Old Tom Gin