Muff Gin

Muff Irish Potato Gin

Muff flagship distilled spirit is Irish Potato Gin. A premium gluten-free gin which is fresh and vibrant carrying sweet and citrusy notes and a smoothness that is the direct result of the potato base. Infused with nine different botanicals

including Mandarin, Lemon, Rosemary and Elderflower.


The Muff Liquor Company story

The Muff Liquor Company produces premium handcrafted distilled spirits steeped in tradition. We are a product of our history and a testament to the hardworking values of those who came before us. We are informed by the past and driven by the desire to create unique distilled spirits that are defined by a blend of history, tradition and imagination. Laura Bonner and Tom Russell established The Muff Liquor Company and were inspired by the old recipes and stories of Laura’s grandfather Philip McClenaghan. In the early part of the 20th century Philip farmed the bountiful soils outside Inishowen Co. Donegal and grew one of the finest examples of the staple we hold dear as people – the potato. It is with the potato that Philip crafted his own unique style of poitín, a fabled Irish liquor, the recipe of which influences what we produce today. These recipes combined with his dedication to his work and love for life inform everything we do at The Muff Liquor Company. As a tribute to this, an illustration of Granda McClenaghan rightfully adorns the back of our bottle.


Tasting Notes

Muff gin is very much inspired by traditional gin, juniper forward, spicy and aromatic.

On the nose, it is zesty citrus mandarin on the rise with a hint of elderflower wafting upwards while on the palate we have juniper forward with a little kick of spice and citrus rounding out the full body.

Finally, on the finish, a bright expression bursting with character, bittersweet mandarin with notes of elderflower and a hint of dryness.


Country of Origin – Ireland

ABV % – 40%

Bottle Sizes - 700ml

Bottles per case - 6

Muff Gin