Noble and Unusual Distillery

Naud’s became the family distillery in 1923 that is well hidden upon a small island. The art of crafting spirits has been passed down for generations. Its destiny is now in the hands of Jean-Michel and Pierre NAUD, who are combining their skills and passion to reveal a selection of original and fine spirits: Cognac, Distilled Gin, Wheat Vodka, Rum and Spiced Rum. Throughout decades, Emile Perrier meticulously elaborated original fruit liquors which were renown across the region. They are brave pioneers with a new vision of spirits and have reignited their fires to create Cognac’s.

Subtle fragrances of malted barley, biscuits and roasted hazel nuts. Strong and smooth with persistent notes of roasted rice. Naud vodka boasts a strong character which will be appreciated straight up or in cocktails such as a White Russian.
Soft and delicate, with a decidedly sweet flavour profile. Exalting fragrances of lime, grapefruit and freshly picked flowers from the garden. Lively and powerful carried by citrus fruit, menthol and spices such as cinnamon, cubeb and cardamom. The dominant juniper start is tailed by bergamot and ends in a fresh and persistent fashion.
A bunch of aromas characterized by notes of coconut, Tonka beans and vanilla sugar. The aromatic strength recalls the typicality of the sugarcane. Generous and marked with sweet patisserie notes, liquorice and cinnamon mixed with hints of wood and smoke carried by the bourbon cask aging.
Rebel at heart and boasting somewhat of a character, Hidden Loot transports us into an explosive atmosphere. Bursting with vanilla, banana and coconut it also has notes of aged rum and wood. This was made using a base of Panamanian rum and complimented with a variety of spices to accentuate the flavour profile.
Notes of pear and peach evolving onto toasted almonds and cinnamon. Fresh and well-balanced aromas of fruit with white flesh and honey, lingering onto vanilla. An expressive Cognac to be appreciated neat, on the rocks or in legendary cocktails such as Julep or a Sidecar.
Elegant with a delicate hint of vanilla, completed by aromas of dried fruit and mild spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Supple and fruity, moving onto notes of orange and peach, with a touch of oak on the finish. A soft and seducing Cognac which will please the pallet of those who like it either neat or in cocktails.
Mahogany colouring with old gold hints with notes of candied orange and quince. Moving onto aromas of mocha and cedar wood combined with a rancio perfume. On the palate it starts off bold and follows onto persistent notes of orange peel, leather and tobacco. A slightly vanilla toasted finish which boasts melted and well structured tannins. An exceptional Cognac appreciated by lovers of aged spirits.
Amber colouring with mahogany sparkles with smooth and rich fragrances of candied orange, prune, spices and leather. Widespread and complex, long lasting notes of Seville orange and tobacco with a touch of old Cognacs. A truly rich Cognac with extraordinary suppleness which will delight connoisseurs.
Noble and Unusual Distillery