The name of the European Mediterrranean Sea comes from the Latin “Mar Medi Terraneum” and means, “sea in the middle of the lands”.

UNKKODED VODKA reflects the vision and embraces the essence of the European Mediterranean Sea.

Its European artisan production method is what defines UNKKODED best. A unique and uncomparable vodka, characterized by its authenticity, personality, character, versatility, but above all... its purity.

Made following the best European Mediterranean traditional production methods and techniques.

Made with the selection of the best refined European Mediterranean grains, the purest alcohol and water.

Distilled only four times to preserve its personality, slowly, in a traditional copper alembic, respecting local traditions and heritage.


A formidable selection of carefullly selected natural botanicals: Thyme, rosemary, coriander grain, Spanish black olive, bergamot peel from Italy and lemon peel from Spain.

UNKKODED is a very clean vodka that has an intense and characteristic flavor in the mouth with notes of cereals and Mediterranean botanicals, perfectly integrated with alcohol and a very fine aroma. Impressively pure, transparent and smooth, with subtle notes of European Mediterranean aromas and flavors; it is dry, friendly, tasty, long and persistent, with a pleasant creaminess, and a very clean finish.


Ultra Premium Select Vodka

Artisan Vodka

Character and Purity

Authentic Origin

Craft of European traditional production methods

A tribute to the European Mediterranean essence

Versatility, perfect for the most expert palates, to drink on its own, with ice

or as a perfect base for the most sophisticated cocktails.