Bright and powerful, universal

The light of a discovery. The first gin made with sea fennel and Muscat grapes. Art, inspiration, creation... and a halo of immortality.


ALKKEMIST Gin explores new horizons, defies the rules in search of light. A tireless search in which each element is taken care of to create a gin of unsurpassed quality. Innovation is the cornerstone of ALKKEMIST Gin, a gin with a unique personality, full of nuances. Sea fennel, muscatel grape and distillation under the light of the moon.


ALKKEMIST Gin is the artisanal vision of a 21st century alchemist, passionate about gin and the Mediterranean coast. Travel the ends of the world and caress each sunrise detailing each new discovery. Botanicals, precise notes, keys to a unique elixir... twenty-one reasons to keep going. The journey where the senses merge with nature. Approximate perfection with each new key, in the light of the moon. And come back to tell.


ALKKEMIST Gin gets its unique personality from the influences of the full moon. His distillation at full moons is closely related to the mystery around his formula. A creation that takes place under the moon. The enigma of immortality, a safe secret.


Alkkemist gin contains 21 botanicals

Samphire - botanical gold, it takes us to a virgin coast
Sage - subtly spicy scent, softens and calms
Verbena - citric scent and memories
Mahon Chamomile - sweet, floral, balanced
Rose Petals - depth and daintiness
Muscat Grapes - sweet memories of fruit
Balm - provides freshness, lemony scent
Rock Tea - neutral bitterness
Sweet Chamomile - floral and sweet background
Thyme - intense scent
Fennel - longed subtle touch






Juniper - resinous notes, round, balsamic
Angelica - herbal flavor and wooden notes
Cardomom - spicy scent and warm sensations
Juniper - strong flavor and penetrating and pleasant scent
Orange Rind - fresh and mature citric scent
Lemon Rind - refreshing citric scent
Mint - refreshing flavour
Penny Royal - penetrating scent
Chenille - medical properties
Agrimonia - Saint William's herb