These are BuzzBallz.

Ready to drink cocktails made in the USA from premium spirits, juces and other natural ingredients.

Six bold flavours in unique single-serve recyclable PET containers. Produced at bar-strength for a more authentic cocktail experience.

An American Success Story.

School teacher Marrilee Kick launched BuzzBallz in 2009 with almost no funds, no experience and no contacts.

Today, 100 million BuzzBallz are sold each year and this award-winning Texas company is the only woman owned distillery, winery and brewery in the USA.

The best selling single-serve premixed cockail in the USA*.

BuzzBallz is a multiple 'Growth Award' winner, and has been classified by industry experts as a brand to watch. The busines now turns over more than $110m dollars per year.

Significant business opportunity.

RTD category is on of the fastest growing consumer segments, expected to double in value.

Convenience, fun and ease of serve is driving Buzzballz growth with huge potentail in retail, on-premise, e-commerce and outdoors.

Consumers love the taste and shape.

The tactile container is hard to resist and the siz launch flavours offer all year round enjoyment. Buzzballz are perfect for parties, BBQs, picnics, festivals and get togethers. They provide a simple, no-mess cocktail experience without the need for a bartender.

Target consumers.

25-40 year old women (60%) and men (40%) holding professional positions and have disposable income.

Social drinkers who love life and hanging out with friends.
Enjoy Prosecco, table wine, canned cocktails and flavoured gin and vodka.