About Harry

Born in Stretford 1935, Harry Howe grew up in a loving working class family eventually going on to become a head teacher. For Harry life was good and full he enjoyed spending time with his family and traveling the world. Harry was a spontaneous man but there was always one thing in Harry's life you could guarantee. On Sundays after his Roast dinner he would round his week off with a whiskey sour.


Whisky Sour

2 Ounces ​whiskey

3/4 Ounce fresh ​lemon juice

1/2 Ounce ​simple syrup

                                                                           1/2 Ounce egg whites  Use the fabulous Harry Howe's Instead!

Years went by and this ritual continued, Harry had mastered the whiskey sour. But then something changed in 1994 Harry developed an Egg intolerance.

From now on the whiskey sour was never the same, the silky texture and the foamy head an egg added was gone.

That was until hiking through Northern Chile Harry met the Andean people.

They have been using a mix of Botanical extracts for years for multiple medicinal purposes: Ease osteoarthritis symptoms; Lower glucose levels; Prevent infection and Reduce inflammation.

But it just so happens that when that same extracts are shaken over ice with Whisky, Fresh lemon and simple syrup it produces the same effects as egg whites.

Adding a velvety texture with a full foamy head.

Harry took this extract back to England where he mixed it with a secret mix of flavouring, perfecting the recipe even more. This special recipe is what you can find bottled up all over the UK.