About O'Hara's

Fleeing from the emerald isle after an argument with a one legged bookie turned sour. O'Hara and his parrot headed for safer territory.

Landing on the sunny coast of the Caribbean the two got a mighty taste for rum. They would gulp the stuff with gusto quaffing until they were howling at the moon in deranged unison.

Now considering himself rather an expert - and being something of a betting man - O'Hara made a healthy wager with a rum-maker that he could create the greatest rum the place had every tasted.  Throwing together the ground-breaking fusion of cinnamon, lime, vanilla, spices and a devilish secret ingredient - O'Hara's Spiced was born.

...oh and we don't need to tell you who won the bet?  Right?

The secret recipe

O'Hara's spiced is the finest 3yr and 5yr Guyanan rum along with a 5yr Trinidad and Tobago rum. Our rums are blended and then flavoured with vanilla, lime, cinnamon, cloves and a secret blend of spices.

With an incredibly smooth drinking character O'Hara's is great tasted as a mixed long drink or just simply by itself over ice. Check out our mixology page for more ideas on how best to enjoy O'Hara's spiced.