A.B Gold


* Small Production 100% Jamaican Rum Captures Flavors from three of the most indigenous and well respected distillers 

Hammond's are proud to announce the launch of a new exclusive distribution partnership with A.B Infusions.

A.B Gold Rum is created with rum from three of the finest Jamaican distillers, all of which continue to use traditional pot still methods, and have done for approximately 300 years.  Made from traditional virgin sugar cane, this stunning hybrid rum is golden in colour due to seven years ageing in bourbon oak barrels, A.B Gold Rum gives a unique intense flavour and embodies distinctive rich caramel tones with mild influences of vanilla and accents of fruit.

Alex Bray and David Armstrong Co directors of A.B Gold Infusions believe the story is as much about friendship as it is about rum. The two friends, who first met 6 years ago working together on the railway, started out with an idea to create a versatile rum that could be enjoyed as much over ice as in a Daiquiri or Mojito.  The rum enthusiasts combined their expert knowledge of rum and first-hand experience of travelling to the finest rum producing regions of the Caribbean to create A.B Gold Rum. Their taste for perfection led to the smooth blend of the finest Jamaican rums.

Alex Bray, A.B Gold co-director, commented ‘We are delighted to be able to introduce a completely new rum experience to the market with AB Gold Rum. Hammond's of Knutsford have a fantastic reputation of being leaders in launching specialty spirits and we are excited to be working alongside Jonathan and his very experienced team’.

 Jonathan Hammond commented  ‘We feel incredibly proud to be working with this exceptional rum, we will enjoy the journey with A.B Gold, it compliments Hammond's premium spirit range and It won’t be long before this rum receives accolades and awards’

A.B Gold