A little over eight years ago, John Cherry started Locksley Distilling Co. Ltd from the humble beginnings of his parent’s attic. What began as one person in an attic has grown into a team of seven, operating from a grade 2* listed distillery.

In that short period of time, the world of gin has exploded; however, our Sir Robin of Locksley® Gin has always had points of differentiation, and the qualities that made us stand out from our inception continue to set us apart from an increasingly competitive crowd.


…is to inspire people to invest in REAL and FAIR products by creating beautiful and delicious beverages. We may never be the biggest distillery, but we will always aspire to be the best.

In achieving this, our core values have an emphasis on ethical, environmental, and quality practices, values inspired by our legendary hero Robin Hood.

Strong ethical and environmental values can be seen in the fact that we only use 100% British wheat-based spirit, made locally, and of exceptional quality, while also sourcing organic, natural botanicals where possible – not just for their incredible flavour, but to be closer to all that is natural, eliminating chemicals, and pollutants.

We believe in Fair Trade where possible – so growers, harvesters, and farmers are fairly rewarded – minimising the exploitation of land and labour.

All our products are created, produced, distilled, bottled, and packed at our distillery, with clearly defined labelling to ensure they are not misleading.

Our pricing strategy is based on allowing a fair share for everyone involved in the supply chain, not overinflated by huge marketing budgets or activities which do not add value to the end product.

Finally, we believe there is nothing more rewarding than sharing our love and passion for the products we create through activities, talks, classes, and tastings so that others can enjoy or be inspired by our journey.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our products in every sensory capacity. The taste, the texture, the feel, the visual allure, the aroma on the nose, and even the sound of it being poured over ice. It is the uncompromising quest for it to be the best that is at the heart of all our core values. Enjoy!