The A.B Gold story is as much about friendship as it is about rum.

It started from an idea to create a rum that’s different from the rest. Something with a personality and a soul. A rum that made getting together that little bit more special.

We combined our expert knowledge of rum and our first-hand experience of travelling to the finest rum producing regions of the Caribbean to create AB Gold.

Our taste for perfection led to the ultimate blend of the finest Jamaican rums. Aged in oak barrels to give a unique intense flavour and a shimmering golden hue.

A rum that’s more distinctive, pleasurable and memorable to drink than any other.

It’s the rum that has defined our friendship. Who knows, it could do the same for you.

Mojito Gold

Ingredients -

  • 50ml AB Gold

  • 1 lime

  • 3 sprigs fresh mint

  • ½ shot simple syrup

  • ½ shot Aqua Faba

  • Ting

  • Garnish: Crushed Ice, Mint Sprig, dehydrated Grapefruit, edible flower.

The Golden Daiquiri

Ingredients -

  • 50ml AB Gold

  • 25ml Taylor’s Falernum Liqueur

  • 1 Lime

  • ½ shot simple syrup

  • Garnish Dehydrated Lime wheel edible flower