Red, White or Green?

Red, White or Green?

Hammonds have recently added sustainable wine solutions to our ever growing wine portfolio. The two concepts we now offer include a returnable bottle system and a wine keg both providing excellent quality wine with best in class sustainability credentials. 


The Bottle Return Scheme brings a new, sustainable lease of life to the traditional wine bottle: each one can be returned, sterilised and reused at least 30 times, reducing the carbon footprint of each bottle by up to 95%.


  • Every reuse of the bottle saves the energy, emissions and waste generated by the recycling or disposal of the old bottle and production and transport of the new bottle.
  • U.K. hospitality alone throws an estimated 129,000 tonnes of glass into landfill every year: we offer a practical, convenient way of breaking this one way wasteful chain whilst still supplying the traditional wine bottle consumers love.
  • FSC accredited recyclable paper label, no neck foil and a TCA eliminating DIAM cork prevent further packaging and wine waste.


The wine kegs are the first of their kind in the UK being refillable unlike the single use plastic kegs used by other wine on tap solutions. If this is of interest to your venue we can connect you with sustainable wine solutions who look after the whole installation process. 


  • Wines are up to 25% cheaper than the equivalent served in traditional, non-returnable bottles, enabling great value.
  • The preservation system delivers consistent quality in quick precise pours, with no oxidisation, cork taint or wasted wine.
  • The system works just as well as a reusable bottle refill station as it does behind the bar for by–the–glass pours, making it ideal for both on–trade and off–trade settings.
  • We collect empty kegs on subsequent deliveries, saving you significant cost and effort in sorting glass and cardboard recycling.
  • Internal chiller system delivers wine at the perfect temperature, freeing up valuable fridge space in your premises. 


If you want to hear more about these exciting new wines please contact your account manager or our head of wine, James.


hands off pond
drop works

English Rum drops into the Hammond’s Portfolio

Recently opened and now the largest rum distillery in Europe, Drop works is paving the way for sustainable domestic rum. With four rums to choose from the possibilities are endless for bartenders to create some class leading concoctions.

White Drop

Clear Drop Rum is un-aged, unadulterated - crystal-clear perfection.

Funk drop

Funk Drop is fermented with the world’s first Wild Trinity yeast and distilled in our   bespoke Double Retort still, every Drop goes supernova with funkiness

Spice drop

Spice Drop Spiced rum made without any added spices? Damn right

Dark Drop

Dark drop This super-soft twice pot-distilled Rum has been decadently blended with Rums finest ingredient – molasses, of course.

Asbach logo

Guten Tag Asbach

Hammonds is proud to announce that the legendary Asbach has recently joined our ever growing agency brand portfolio. The German Brandy has garnered critical acclaim over its 130 year existence with a portfolio from a very accessible 3 year old to a class leading 21 year old selection brandy. 

As part of the Asnach group Hammonds have also taken on the subsidiary brands of Pitu Cachaca, XUXU and Grasovka. 

We are very honoured to be working with such amazing brands that really fit into our existing portfolio of interesting and quality products.

Grasovka Packshot